Sagging Tummy? With an Abdominoplasty, We’ve Got You Covered

After going through multiple pregnancies or experiencing a sudden and significant increase in weight, the abdominal muscles may become weakened and your skin tissue in that area can become stretched out.

DC Tummy Tuck Procedure Doctor

Having weak abdominal muscle and loose, sagging skin is an issue that cannot be remedied easily. Many people try to get rid of these issues by going to the gym regularly or dieting, but in most cases, these practices don’t always result in the changes one desires.

Even though exercise is good for your health, you will need some extra help getting your body to look exactly how you want it to. Fortunately, abdominoplasty is exactly what you need to overcome this issue. It’s an effective plastic surgery that can help eliminate stubborn fat deposits and tighten loose skin and muscle for the washboard abs you’ve always wanted.

Over the years, this procedure has gained a lot of exposure. Originally thought to be only a prerogative for the rich and the famous, more and more women and men from all walks of life are going for it.

The Abdominoplasty Procedure

Abdominoplasty helps in removing excess fat and loose skin in one’s mid-region. It is great for removing stubborn fat that cannot commonly be lost through exercise and dieting alone.

There are two varieties of Abdominoplasty, the partial tummy tuck and the full tummy tuck. The partial tummy tuck involves making a smaller incision in the lower abdominal area and tightening the abdominal muscles. The excess fat is removed, and any excess skin is trimmed and tightened to get rid of those unsightly loose skin folds. After all this is done, the remaining skin is pulled together and stitched in place. Although this is a smaller incision, most patients will benefit from a full abdominoplasty.

A full tummy tuck, on the other hand, involves making a larger incision, one that runs across the entire abdomen, from one hip to the other, placed just above the pubic region. After this, a second incision is made to separate the belly button from the skin and tissue surrounding it.

Then the skin surrounding the abdominal wall is separated, and the abdominal muscles are repaired to better sculpt the stomach and define the waist. Once this is done, the excess fat and skin in the treatment area is removed and a new hole for the belly button is created. The last step involves stitching together the remaining skin back into place.

A procedure such as this requires the utmost skill and precision. You should only undergo this procedure with a surgeon who has proven experience and one that you can fully trust.

The recovery time for a full tummy tuck is four to six weeks after the surgery and you are advised not to indulge in strenuous work or heavy exercise during this period. Preferably there should be someone at home to take care of you during the first week to ensure you’re able to properly rest and relax.

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DC Tummy Tuck Procedure Doctor
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