Pectoral Implants in Washington D.C.

You may have been living with the idea that targeting specific muscle groups will produce a specific result. Many men believe this and may spend an extraordinary amount of mental and physical energy on focused exercises to build up a certain area. The chest is one of the most common areas to receive such attention. However, there are some men for whom the chest doesn’t naturally respond to diet and exercise. For this reason, an increasing number of men are now seeking pectoral implants.

Male pectoral augmentation is a streamlined procedure in which your board-certified plastic surgeon can achieve outstanding chest contours. The stigma around plastic surgery for men has all but dissolved in recent years. Here at Somenek + Pittman MD Advanced Plastic Surgery, you can expect your pectoral implantation to be approached pragmatically and in the most professional, friendly setting. Contact our office at (202) 810-7700 to arrange your consultation with board-certified breast and body specialist, Dr. Troy Pittman!

What Can I Expect at My Consultation for Pectoral Implant Surgery?

We give our utmost attention to each of our plastic surgery consults. During your initial visit, Dr. Pittman will conduct a thorough review of your medical history, lifestyle, and other factors that can influence your surgical outcome. He will listen to your concerns and goals and will explain how the pectoral augmentation process works.

Pectoral augmentation utilizes solid silicone implants as opposed to the softer silicone implants that are used for female breast augmentation. The solid silicone implants are carefully selected based on your stature and desired appearance. Because these devices are solid, they look and feel just as you would expect the male chest muscle to feel, and there is no chance of implant rupture.

How is Pectoral Augmentation Performed?

This male body contouring surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. You’ll receive general anesthesia for the procedure. This will achieve deep sedation that removes all sense of pain and time. While you are deeply sedated, the doctor will create small incisions adjacent to the chest, in the armpit. Tissue is dissected in a way that creates a secure pocket beneath the pectoralis muscle. The implant will be positioned in the pocket in a way that creates the masculine curve you desire. To complete the procedure, Dr. Pittman will close the incisions with sutures and will apply a bandage around the chest. You can expect to be released to a loved one a few hours after your procedure is complete. This is usually a sufficient amount of time for your anesthesia to wear off enough that you can walk with little assistance.

What is the Recovery from Pectoral Augmentation Like?

You may feel very little discomfort when you wake up after surgery. This is because your anesthesia and pain medication are still on board, reducing your receptivity to pain signals. At home, you will begin taking your prescription painkillers as directed. Your compression garment also helps to reduce the discomfort that may be associated with swelling.

Our team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions before your surgery. You and whomever will assist you during your initial recovery should review these instructions and bring us any questions that arise. It’s imperative that you follow the guidelines that are outlined in your post-op paperwork, specifically about medication use and physical restrictions.

You can expect to feel more tired than usual for a few days after your pectoral augmentation procedure. Rest as much as you need, but also offset your relative inactivity with short walks several times a day. This may include walking around the house for five minutes. The only purpose of walking is to move your legs and keep circulation moving out of the lower extremities. After several days, you may begin increasing the time and distance of your walks but will likely need to postpone your normal physical exercise for up to two months.

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