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The excessive weight of earrings or trauma to the earlobe can cause tears in the tissue, forming a split that may be unattractive and make wearing earrings less practical or even impossible. Dr. Michael Somenek can perform a surgical repair of your torn earlobe at our respected plastic surgery clinic, healing the split’s edges and restoring the ear to its natural form. Earlobe repair in Washington DC can help correct these issues and provide you with various options to revitalize your damages ears.

What Types of Earlobe Issues Can Be Repaired?

You can address several conditions with an earlobe repair surgery, notably lobes that are overstretched and torn, or those that need to be reshaped or reduced. It can also fix troublesome keloid scars.

Earlobe Stretching

Earlobe stretching occurs when you wear heavy earrings or large-diameter ear gauges. Patients who have previously worn large gauges may notice that the opening can be quite large when the gauges are removed and will not fully close by itself over time. A minor ear lobe repair surgery can help restore the lobe to its natural state.

Torn Earlobes

The ear lobe comprises skin and fat, so it is more prone to tears than the thick cartilage on other parts of the ear. Several scenarios may result in a torn earlobe, such as wearing heavy earrings, a child or pet tugging on them, or an earring getting caught on an item of clothing. Some ear lobe tears may heal with time but they often leave visible scars that make it challenging to re-pierce the ears or wear earrings in the future. Most torn earlobes can be repaired surgically, usually under a local anesthetic. Dr. Somenek can surgically excise the tear in the earlobe and repair it cosmetically. This technique requires suturing on either side of the earlobe, and most sutures can come out in as little as one week.

Earlobe Reshaping

Earlobe reshaping is another option to help repair earlobes that have been altered or damaged from a prior ear piercing or gauging. It can also correct embarrassing issues such as asymmetrical or large earlobes, allowing you to feel more comfortable with your image.

Earlobe Reduction

You may be self-conscious about your earlobes, especially if they are overly large, and may opt for an earlobe reduction procedure in Washington DC.

How an Earlobe Repair Procedure Works

In the case of droopy or stretched ear lobes, Dr. Somenek will cut along the skin around the tear, reducing your earlobe’s size. If it has fully split due to trauma or a tear, he will connect the two sides of the lobe with delicate sutures. This skillful technique involves removing the damaged ear-piercing area and suturing together the skin’s outer and inner layers and the tissue in between.

The majority of earlobe repair surgeries are performed in 30 minutes with a local anesthetic. However, the length of the procedure and the type of anesthesia may vary based on the extent of the repairs. Dr. Somenek will conduct the necessary repair, and the ear can be re-pierced if needed in the future. Fortunately, there is minimal pain post-op, and any discomfort that you experience can be relieved with common medications. Most at-home care entails cleaning the earlobe daily, and, in some cases, keeping it covered with a bandage.

"I had a beautiful experience with the entire staff here at Dr.Somenek’s office. I came in for my ear repair with Dr.Somenek which was a quick, painless, and in-out procedure of all of 35-40 minutes(consult and procedure done same day!!)"

- Mikel Myles

Earlobe repair, also known as a surgical procedure, is performed to correct damaged or stretched earlobes. These are usually caused by trauma, piercings from heavy earrings, or gauges. The procedure involves reshaping the earlobe by removing damaged tissue and suturing what remains to restore a more natural-looking contour. 

In general, earlobe repair is not painful. Our surgeons perform this operation under local anesthesia, which helps to keep patients as comfortable as possible. 

Although earlobe repair is generally a safe procedure, there is a risk of infection, possible scarring, and asymmetry of the earlobe. That is why it is important to choose an experienced surgeon who can help minimize the risk of complications. 

Earlobe repair usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, although this will depend on the complexity of the repair. 

The recovery period is relatively short. Most people can return to normal activities within 24 to 48 hours, but a full recovery can take several weeks. 

We always strive to create the most natural result possible. However, results will vary depending on the extent of earlobe damage.

In many cases, earlobe repair surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure. As such, it may not be covered by your insurance policy. However, if the repair needed is due to a traumatic injury, your insurance may cover the cost. It is always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to ensure earlobe repairs are covered. 

Preparing for earlobe repair surgery may include stopping smoking, discontinuing certain types of medication, and possibly arranging to have someone drive you home after the procedure. We will provide detailed instructions based on your medical history and the specifics of the repair. 

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If you are determining how to fix a split ear lobe or are looking for a reduction or reshape, contact Somenek + Pittman MD about earlobe repair in Washington DC. Our experienced and double Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Somenek, is more than happy to talk with you about the facts and benefits of this procedure.

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