Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) In Washington DC

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at S+P MedSpa

We are pleased to be one of the few private centers in the Washington, DC area to offer this treatment. Patients are placed in our HBOT chamber for a 60-90 minute treatment. Studies show that HBOT may result in:

  • Decreased surgical or procedure recovery time
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased blood flow to healthy AND damaged tissues
  • Enhanced recovery for athletes
  • Increase in white blood cell formation, providing a boost to our bodies immunity
  • Promotion of anti-aging and brain health by stimulating stem-cell production
  • Increased serotonin production (the bodies “happiness” hormone)
  • Overall detoxification and assists in the removal of heavy metals from tissues

About the Treatment

After completing a short medical checklist and signing your treatment consent, a member of our team will take you to the treatment room where your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels will be taken. You will then enter the treatment chamber – a cozy chamber where you can comfortably sit up and work, or lay down and relax during your treatment. During the treatment, you are able to listen to music on earbuds or use your phone. Our staff will assist you with placing your oxygen mask or nasal cannula on your face, make you comfortable with pillows or blankets, and then close the top constructed of glass so you can see out of the chamber without difficulty. Then, the chamber will begin to pressurize. You may feel your ears pop slightly as you take your “dive,” but don’t worry, the sensation is similar to being in an airplane! It’s not scary or uncomfortable.

The chamber is fully pressurized to 50 K Pa in over ten minutes, then the clock begins! The chamber is air-conditioned with good airflow to keep you from feeling warm or stuffy. At the end of your HBOT treatment time, we’ll slowly begin de-pressurization. During this period, it is not uncommon to feel your ears pop again. It takes about 10 minutes to fully and safely depressurize the machine.

HBOT Chamber

Frequently Asked Questions About HBOT

How does HBOT work?

Concentrated oxygen at a pressure of 1.3 ATA causes an increase in oxygen delivery to injured or hypoxic tissues at a level 400% deeper than our normal blood supply can penetrate.  This causes oxygen (a gas) to become dissolved into fluids such as plasma, cerebrospinal and synovial fluid, creating a systemic saturation of the brain, nervous system, muscles, joints and organs, penetrating difficult to reach regions in an effort to promote healing.

Are there people who ARE NOT candidates for HBOT?

HBOT is contraindicated in patients with severe claustrophobia, COPD, patients with pacemakers, uncontrolled hypertension, COVID-19 infection and / or symptoms of COVID-19 infection.  Woman who are pregnant should NOT undergo HBOT.  If you are suffering from congestion or sinus issues, it’s best to postpone the treatment until you are feeling better.

If you see a specialist such as an oncologist, neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, or are currently under care for a health issue or surgery, you will likely need to seek medical clearance from your provider prior to beginning your treatments.

How do I prepare for my HBOT treatment?

Very little preparation is needed.  On the day of your treatment, you are asked to wear loose fitting or comfortable clothing.  We ask that you refrain from wearing perfume, make-up, or hairspray to your treatment.  You can bring water with you in the chamber as we want you to be well hydrated.  If you take prescription medicine, avoid taking that medication directly before the treatment.

What if I have a fear of closed spaces or have claustrophobia?

We have made every effort to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.  The chamber has a glass top that you can easily see through.  You will be able to freely communicate with the staff throughout the treatment.  The chamber is air-conditioned with excellent airflow to keep it from feeling stuffy, hot or humid.  While it may initially take a little getting used to, the majority of patients do just fine inside the chamber.

Are there other treatments that can be combined with HBOT?

HBOT is an excellent treatment for patients recovering from surgery or procedures like laser resurfacing.  Because hydration is essential, we recommend combining this treatment with one of our IV Vitamin Hydration treatments.  Additionally, many of our patients combine HBOT with lymphatic massage.  The synergy of these treatments can enhance recovery and may help to reduce overall inflammation.

How often should I have my HBOT treatment?

For most patients, we recommend at least 5 treatments, each treatment lasting 60 minutes.  Treatments can be done once or twice a day but there should be at least 6 hours between treatments.

What is the cost of HBOT?

Prices for a single 60 minute session of HBOT start at $275 a treatment.  However, we recommend multiple sessions and offer a package of 5 treatments for $1200 (a 10% value).

For more information regarding HBOT or to schedule your treatment, please call us at (202) 810-7700 or book your appointment here.

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