Revision Eyelid Surgery In Washington DC

Eyelid surgery is an excellent way to rejuvenate your appearance by reducing under-eye puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging skin that forms around the eyes and eyelids. However, as with any complex cosmetic procedure, some patients may be unhappy with their final results. Additionally, due to unique physical characteristics, lifestyle habits, and the prominence of aging signs, enhancements may deteriorate more quickly for some individuals.

In either case, patients may make additional enhancements or corrections after an initial procedure with revision eyelid surgery in Washington DC. After surgery, patients look rejuvenated once more, with longer-lasting enhancements and reduced vision impairments. Schedule a consultation with Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Somenek if you are unhappy with the results of an initial procedure from another plastic surgeon or you have seen a noticeable decline in your enhancements.

Common Motivations for Revision Eyelid Surgery

Typically, revision eyelid surgery patients in Washington DC undergo a repeat procedure to correct physical and cosmetic complications that came from the initial operation. For example, the surgery could correct eyelid asymmetry, sunken or hollow eye appearance, lower eyelid drooping, and unevenly distributed eyelid tissue. In addition to cosmetic changes, revision surgery corrects physical limitations such as:

  • The inability to close the eyes completely
  • Eye irritation
  • Dry eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Difficulty blinking

Most often, the root cause of cosmetic complications after eyelid surgery is excessive removal of the eyelid tissue, including muscle, skin, and fat. Revision eyelid procedures may replace areas that are lacking sufficient tissue with skin or tissue grafts from other body areas.

For patients whose results declined quicker than is typical, the surgery could remove excess, sagging skin around the eyes before tightening the remaining skin again. As a result, a patient’s redeveloped wrinkles and vision impairments will be reduced, but Dr. Somenek employs techniques to make for longer-lasting results.

Differences of a Secondary Eyelid Surgery

Though revision eyelids procedures in Washington DC offer several cosmetic benefits, the operation tends to be more complex for a few reasons. The formation of scar tissue after the primary surgery might limit the possible corrections for a revision. However, despite potential limitations, a surgical revision could remove as much scar tissue as possible that has formed after the first operation in order to reduce adverse effects on the skin and muscles.

Importantly, the operation must be at least six months after the first surgery, since the body must fully heal before going through the same process again. Since patients have existing incisions scars from the first surgery, revision eyelid procedures can use the same incision placements so as to avoid an extra set of scars. Lastly, if a patient needs substantial volume restoration using tissue and skin grafts, the surgical and recovery process may be lengthier than their initial experience.

Schedule a Consultation for Revision Eyelid Surgery in Washington DC

Although you may be hesitant to undergo another surgical procedure so soon after the initial one, revision eyelid surgery in Washington DC has several cosmetic and medical benefits. Patients routinely seek this option to correct cosmetic mistakes from their initial procedure, usually resulting from insufficient eyelid tissue. Since the eyes are a vital focal point of the face, correcting a prior procedure that did not live up to your expectations could serve as a confidence-booster.

Beyond cosmetic improvements, revision blepharoplasty could correct surgical complications that adversely impacted your eye functioning, which could substantially worsen your quality of life if left untreated. Fill out a form to schedule a private consultation with us to discuss how a revision surgery could benefit you.

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