Nasal Tip Plasty In Washington DC

When you imagine a rhinoplasty, you might be thinking of a full-scale restructuring of the nose, including the bone structure. However, if you only require a small alteration to the nasal tip, we have the perfect alternative. Dr. Michael Somenek is a board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon who could provide a nasal tip plasty in Washington DC if you are looking for a less invasive way of changing how your nose looks. Call our DC office at (202) 810-7700 today  to learn more, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Somenek!

What is a Tip Plasty?

A tip plasty is a focal type of rhinoplasty procedure that only addresses the nasal tip. This is not a common procedure because it is more likely that a patient will be seeking a rhinoplasty of the whole nose, rather than just the nasal tip. But when someone truly does have concerns just with the nasal tip, the tip plasty may be appropriate for them. This involves refining and altering the shape, size, and strength of the nasal tip cartilages.

Some patients might be bothered by the overall size of their nasal tip if they consider it bulbous or just lacking a definite shape. Alternatively, they might be bothered by the crooked nature of the nasal tip or notice marked asymmetries within the nasal tip that they want to address.

How Does it Differ from Other Types of Rhinoplasties?

A tip plasty is considered a less extensive form of rhinoplasty since the plastic surgeon is not addressing other aspects of the nose, such as the dorsal hump or the nasal bones, which can contribute to the overall length of recovery.

The Procedure

Depending on which approach is used for a nasal tip plasty in DC, Dr. Somenek will make some incisions on the inner surface of the nose or the inner lining of the nose in order to access the nasal tip cartilages. This can involve reshaping the cartilages, improving the support to the cartilages, or even trimming their overall size. At other times, it can address minor tip deviations by straightening the cartilages that are responsible for the overall straight appearance of the nose.

Depending on what the shape is, the shape of the nasal tip could impact the procedure as well. If the patient has a very bulbous nasal tip, reshaping these cartilages to create a more refined or flatter appearance to the sides of the nose is desirable. Sometimes there are asymmetries to the nasal tip cartilages that need to be reshaped to be corrected. At other times, Dr. Somenek might have to straighten the nasal tip as well.

Recovery Timeline of a Nasal Tip Plasty

While the recovery period for a Washington DC nasal tip plasty is not as extensive as a full rhinoplasty, the patient still needs to wear a nasal cast for the entire week. This nasal cast does a good job in compressing the nasal skin down to the new underlying structures that have been created during the tip plasty. After the cast is removed, a patient can expect swelling in the area but should expect little to no bruising at all. If they did not have any breathing problems before the procedure, they should not experience any changes with their breathing afterward. They can then resume normal activities within the first 10 to 14 days after the procedure is performed.

Contact Dr. Somenek For Your Nasal Tip Plasty In Washing DC!

If the tip of your nose is too large or slightly misshapen, you likely do not require full nasal surgery. Ask us about the benefits of a nasal tip plasty in Washington DC. If you are unsure about which option to go with, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Somenek to discuss your best options. Or, you can dial (202) 810-7700 to speak with our office today!

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