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Sometimes a variety of factors, including genetics, age, or gravity, can cause excess wrinkling of the neck, producing the appearance of a double chin or what is sometimes known as a “turkey wattle.” If you want to return to a more aesthetically-pleasing neck, then a neck lift in Washington DC can help by tightening and removing excess skin and reducing the visible signs of aging or other changes along the jawline. Dr. Michael Somenek, a well-respected facial plastic surgeon, can tailor the procedure to your specific needs as a patient, providing you with the jawline and neck contours you are looking for.

What is a Neck Lift?

The neck is often one of the first places on the body to show signs of aging and the gradual appearance of fatty jowls is relatively common. A neck lift can enhance the contours of the neck by tightening the skin and underlying neck muscles. A neck lift can be done as a single procedure but is sometimes performed in tandem with a faceliftliposuction, or other facial cosmetic procedures. We can discuss with you whether adding another cosmetic enhancement during the experience will be beneficial.

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

There are a few ways a neck lift can help improve an individual’s appearance. It can remove loose skin and fat deposits from beneath the chin, and can also tighten and tone the muscles in the neck. Those who are most qualified for a neck lift include:

  • Individuals who are healthy and free of underlying medical conditions
  • Individuals who do not smoke
  • Individuals who wish to eliminate the appearance of a “turkey wattle”
  • Individuals who have lost a distinctive jawline
  • Individuals who wish to eliminate wrinkles and excess skin on the neck

The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is done with general anesthesia. Dr. Somenek uses well designed incisions around the ears to maximally conceal the incisions. Extra skin and/or fat is removed via surgery or liposuction, and the leftover skin is trimmed away. The remaining tissues and skin are then stretched and repositioned with sutures, and, depending on the extent of the surgery, drains may be placed in specific areas.

What is the Recovery Like?

After a neck lift surgery, Dr. Somenek will place a bandage around the face and neck to minimize swelling and bruising, which is removed the following day. Patients are given specific instructions on post-operative care, how to manage drains, and prescribed any needed pain medications. As there may be some swelling, it may take several weeks for patients to see full results, and most patients can return to their normal routines within a week.

Dr. Somenek will inform you of any risks before agreeing to the surgery and lay out your anticipated recovery period so that you can plan accordingly.

Schedule a Neck Lift Consultation in Washington DC

If you are concerned about extra skin around your neck, contact us today to schedule your neck lift consultation. Dr. Somenek can remove drooping skin so that your face looks younger and healthier. Call us now to learn more about how we can best assist you.

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