Cheek Augmentation In Washington DC

Full, rounded, and lifted cheeks are one of the hallmarks of youth. As we age, our cheeks lose volume. If you are hoping to restore that pleasing shape to your face, then cheek augmentation in Washington DC could be the ideal procedure for you.

Practical, simple, and customizable, this procedure has continued to gain popularity among women and men as a means of adding volume and definition to the face. As a Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Somenek can talk with you about what you hope to achieve with this surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cheek Augmentation?

The best candidates for cheek augmentation have a hollowed, gaunt appearance to their cheeks that they want to remedy. If you desire more definition to your upper face and want to restore contours that you may have lost over the years, you are an appropriate candidate for cheek augmentation in Washington DC. This procedure can also restore facial symmetry after a reconstructive surgery due to sickness or accidents.

Surgically augmenting the cheeks can be achieved through several options that include fat grafting or dermal fillers as a non-surgical option. Other facial enhancements, such as rhinoplasty and brow lifts work well to balance facial features when combined with cheek augmentations. Although each process has its advantages, any of these are proven to improve the cheek contour.

Fat Grafting to the Cheeks

This form of local cheek augmentation uses your own body fat instead of implants. Dr. Somenek uses liposuction to retrieve fat cells from your hips, thighs, or stomach. Fat grafting is minimally invasive when compared to receiving cheek implants.

Dr. Somenek uses a unique fat processing system that filters the fat into “microfat.” This uniform consistency decreases your chances of having lumps or bumps post procedure. Once processed, the fat will be injected into the cheeks. Some of the injected fat cells will not survive the transfer into the cheek area. Because of the loss of these fat cells, you may want to receive additional treatments to achieve your desired volume.

Dermal Fillers for Augmentation

Dermal fillers add natural-looking fullness to the cheeks in a less-invasive way, and at a more affordable cost. While the effects are not permanent (usually lasting from one to two years), this may be an ideal way for you to decide if you want to try one of the other more permanent forms of augmentation.

Add Volume to Your Face with a Cheek Augmentation in Washington DC

Although each patient’s results will vary, cheek augmentation is an effective and simple way to achieve a more balanced, younger-looking face. You should research the different types of procedures and speak with Dr. Michael Somenek about the best way to approach this surgery.

Schedule an initial consultation with us, be open about your expectations, and ask any questions you may have. We have a fully-accredited surgical suite that is focused on providing you comfort and privacy. Cheek augmentation in Washington DC is a versatile way of refining your facial features.

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