Revision Facelift in Washington D.C.

Facelift surgery can successfully rejuvenate a patient’s appearance, but in some cases, patients may be unsatisfied with their results. In addition, a facelift does not prevent the natural aging process from affecting surgical results over time, though the pace will differ among patients. In either case, correcting the concerns that remain from your initial procedure is possible with a revision facelift in Washington DC.

This procedure could correct several concerns that patients frequently see after surgery, and the recovery period is less intense due to revision facelifts typically being less invasive. If you are unhappy with the results of a facelift you received from another surgeon, Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Somenek can consult with you about getting a revision.

Reasons Why People Undergo Revision Facelift Surgery (Revision Rhytidectomy)

Revision facelift patients in Washington DC primarily ask to have a repeat procedure in order to restore their enhancements after natural degrading over time from age, environmental irritants, and lifestyle habits. For instance, collagen in the skin continues to break down after surgery, so loose and sagging skin could redevelop afterward on the face and neck. Additionally, facial fat may begin to droop and shift once more, especially within the cheeks, further aging your facial appearance.

Declining collagen and elastin contribute to additional cosmetic concerns after a facelift, such as hallow or sunken eyes and under-eye sagging. Lastly, when too much fat is taken from the neck, an indention may form in the middle, known as a cobra neck. This indentation may have sagging skin on the sides for some patients, making the area more prominent.

In some cases, the primary facelift procedure tightens the skin too much, causing excess tension and various cosmetic impacts. When the skin is pulled too tightly during a facelift, it could lead to pointed ear lobes, more prominent scarring, and parallel lines in the skin from the ears to the cheeks. It is possible for excess skin tension to cause facelift scars to widen and thicken, making them more prominent.

What to Expect for a Revision Facelift

For patients who decide to get a revision facelift surgery in Washington DC, the operation is usually less extensive. For instance, Dr. Somenek may focus on relieving the extra skin tension to reduce the appearance of scars and lines. If the facial muscles were not tightened and lifted adequately during the first procedure, a revision facelift could make these necessary changes.

In some situations, the results of a facelift will deteriorate faster, resulting in the redevelopment of skin sag and the shifting of facial fat over time. A revision facelift corrects these concerns once again to restore your initial procedure’s enhancements by excising unnecessary skin and redistributing facial fat.

In addition to the various cosmetic benefits of revision facelift surgery, patients report substantially better confidence in themselves and their appearance afterward. However, since the procedure is an invasive operation and still requires four to six weeks of recovery, you should only get a revision facelift at least six months or more after your initial procedure.

Learn More About Revision Facelifts in Washington DC

It is a significant commitment to get a facelift and endure the recovery period, which is why it can be so it can be disheartening if your results are not what you expected. Beyond that, due to individual health and physical characteristics, your results could decline quickly. In both cases, a revision facelift in Washington DC could rejuvenate your appearance once more by correcting specific issues and restoring initial enhancements.

You do not need to return to the original plastic surgery practice in order to get this revision. Dr. Somenek is available to help anyone who has not been wholly satisfied with their operation. Let us know your concerns and set up a time to learn how Somenek+Pittman MD can help you.

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