Plastic Surgery in Washington D.C.

The goal of aesthetic plastic surgery is not only to improve your physical appearance but to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. Many people might think that plastic surgery is just for celebrities but that is not the case at all. Plastic surgery could provide a way for men and women of all ages to correct insecurities and restore a pleasing appearance.

Any part of the body can undergo plastic surgery.  Our Washington DC plastic surgeons have experience in many forms of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. You have numerous options at your disposal to determine which service is right for you.

What Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Available?

Our surgeons, Dr. Michael Somenek and Dr. Troy Pittman offer a wide variety of procedures for individuals of all ages, including:

There are also several nonsurgical treatments, such as hand rejuvenationlip augmentationliquid facelifts, and Radiesse, among others. Our cosmetic surgeons in Washington DC offer personalized professional treatment plans, and the staff is dedicated to each patient’s safety and satisfaction. Successful results often depend on how well patients and doctors communicate, so patients should be open and honest about their goals.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

Boosting Self-Esteem

The most common reason people choose plastic surgery is to improve their physical appearance, for reasons that go deeper than simple vanity. It can make patients feel better about how they look, which can then affect how they interact with others. Apart from repairing physical damage caused by illness and injury, plastic surgery plays a vital role in boosting patients’ self-esteem and quality of life. For example, those seeking to correct a congenital disability often worry about how others perceive them out in public. With one treatment, those fears could be alleviated. Patients who opt for plastic surgery may even be inspired to make other positive changes in their lives, such as transitioning to a healthier diet and forming good exercise habits.

Reconstructive Benefits

For those with physical differences, such as a cleft lip or injuries suffered due to trauma, being different can mean being the object of unwanted attention. Many patients see plastic surgery as a favorable option for improving physical appearance for reconstructive purposes. A person who is embarrassed about one of their physical features should consider plastic surgery to help them address their concerns.

Benefits for Weight-Loss Patients

Patients who have lost an excessive amount of weight have transformed their lives by adopting healthier lifestyles such as routine exercise and a better diet. However, those who have lost fifty pounds or more might have loose or sagging skin. Fortunately, plastic surgery could also help address this issue as well.

Discuss the Possibilities of Plastic Surgery in Washington DC

If you are interested in learning how plastic surgery could improve your physical and mental health, please schedule a consultation. Our experienced surgeons perform various cosmetic procedures, including those that enhance the body, breast, and face, that could help you regain some self-esteem. You have numerous surgical and nonsurgical options when it comes to plastic surgery in Washington DC.

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