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Frown lines on your forehead extending between the eyebrows could have an effect on your appearance, leaving you looked aged or constantly worried. Though it may seem impossible to get rid of frown lines, Dysport in Washington DC is a neuromodulator explicitly targeting the wrinkle’s source. Dysport injections reduce frown lines by minimizing the repeated facial movements that form them, creating a smoother skin appearance.

The cosmetic treatment is available for wrinkle reduction in many areas of the face. Once the Dysport injections relax the facial muscles causing wrinkles, the skin appears smoother, firmer, and more youthful. If you are displeased with deep frown lines around your forehead and eyebrows or even around your eyes, talk with experienced facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Somenek about how this non-surgical procedure can help you.

How Dysport Works

Dysport injections are non-invasive neuromodulators that temporarily reduce repeated facial muscle movements that form wrinkles. Washington DC Dysport injections specifically target the wrinkles known as frown lines, which extend vertically from the eyebrows to the forehead. There are other areas of the face that Dr. Somenek targets with his advanced knowledge and expertise with injectables like Dysport. He will discuss these with you during your consultation.

The injections stop blocking impulses between the nerves that direct muscle movements, therefore relaxing the muscles and stopping the repetitive movement. Once the muscles relax, the wrinkles smooth out, and fewer movement repetitions prevent new wrinkles from forming. Typically, the injections relax the muscles underneath the forehead and eyebrows to reduce the frown lines’ appearance.

A wrinkle that forms due to consistent facial movements is called a dynamic wrinkle, with frown lines being one type. Though the objective of Dysport injections is to soften facial muscle movements, they do not affect the muscles surrounding treatment areas to ensure the best results.

Why Use Dysport?

Unlike other neuromodulators that we provide, Dysport aims to reduce severe wrinkles rather than fine lines. Smoother skin becomes apparent two days after treatment, quicker than other neuromodulators, and lasts for up to four months. Maintaining the treatment’s effects requires repeated sessions to ensure the muscles remain relaxed.

Any cosmetic treatment, including Dysport, poses possible risks and side-effects. After the injections, a patient may experience pain at injection sites, headaches, rashes, irritation, and swelling, but these diminish quickly. Speak with Dr. Somenek about further risks and whether a local Dysport treatment is right for you.

Refresh Your Skin with Dysport in Washington DC

Deep wrinkles around the eyebrows and forehead significantly impact your appearance in negative ways. This type of dynamic facial wrinkle forms due to repeated facial muscle movements over time. Dysport in Washington DC is a neuromodulator injection that reduces frown lines by restricting facial muscle movements.

Once the treatment has relaxed the muscles undeath the forehead and eyebrows, frown lines significantly reduce to create smoother, younger-looking skin. Choose Dysport injections if you are ready to rejuvenate your appearance and eradicate frown lines from your skin. Place a call to Dr. Michael Somenek and our friendly staff to learn more about the benefits.

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