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A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is one of the most common facial plastic surgeries that Dr. Michael Somenek performs and can provide a remarkable improvement in your appearance. A facelift in Washington DC is recommended for patients who are concerned about saggy or loose skin and loss of facial muscle tone. As we age, skin tone and elasticity begin to decrease. When this is combined with changes in facial fat and loss of collagen, it translates to an aged face that lacks the characteristics of youth.

A facelift can correct these by removing excess skin from the face and neck and by sculpting the underlying tissues and muscles in your jaw, cheek, and neck area. In contrast to the traditional “skin tightening” that surgeons used to do years ago, newer and more sophisticated techniques have been developed to re-drape the skin so that it appears younger and smoother. Areas that are addressed by a facelift include:

  • Jawline
  • Prominent jowls
  • Excess neck skin
  • Submental fat and fullness
  • Loose and sagging skin
woman before facelift
woman after facelift

Dr. Somenek’s Facelift Approach

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Somenek applies the most advanced principles to create a refreshed appearance with longer-lasting results. Dr. Somenek’s philosophy is to create a natural look for the patient, avoiding an abnormal hairline or sideburns and the “pulled-back look” that some people develop postoperatively. He consistently discusses this concept with his patients during their consultations and explains that they will look and feel refreshed.

If you are unhappy with the lower two-thirds of your face including changes in your neck, Dr. Somenek may suggest you undergo a facelift in our Washington DC office. For patients with minimal skin laxity along the jawline, Dr. Somenek may suggest his Mini Facelift technique. Assessing the entire face is essential to maintain overall harmony and proportions which is why Dr. Somenek will frequently combine other procedures to strengthen your chin and improve your brow or eye area.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift?

A facelift can be a good option for Washington DC men and women of any age who would like to improve the appearance of loose facial skin or jowling in addition to excessive and lax skin in the neck. Also, those who have undergone multiple non-surgical treatments like injectables, lasers, etc. and don’t feel like they are able to get the rejuvenation that they are looking for may benefit from a facelift.

Dr. Somenek sees many patients that have been doing fillers and Botox for years that feel like they have peaked with the type of result they are getting. Understanding that there are limits to the non-surgical alternatives is essential to understanding expectations to get the result that you want.

Those in good health with reasonable expectations for a realistic outcome from surgery are also ideal candidates. Living a healthy lifestyle will always lead to better results as your skin and the underlying tissues have an improved capacity to heal.

Your Facelift Consultation with Dr. Somenek

Before you schedule your surgery, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Somenek. He will assess all aspects of your facial features to determine the best manner in which to achieve a rejuvenated appearance and maintain harmony with the rest of your face.

As a leading expert in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Somenek believes that assessment of the elasticity and support of the underlying structures is a critical aspect of the consultation. This will help Dr. Somenek select the appropriate technique for your individual situation in order to provide you with beautiful and long-lasting results. He will discuss the necessary techniques with you to be sure that you understand each step of the process.

During your consultation, Dr. Somenek will provide a portfolio of before-and-after cases for your review. You will also have the opportunity to discuss other procedures that are commonly combined with a facelift, like eyelid surgery and fat grafting. Many patients decide to address multiple areas of their face when they get a facelift in Washington DC because each individual procedure comes with its own downtime.

Because of this, combining procedures minimizes the amount of downtime needed if you were to get each procedure done individually. In some patients, addressing multiple areas creates a more uniform and balanced appearance to the face.

Watch Dr. Somenek discuss Facelift Myths and Misconceptions on Good Morning Washington

What to Expect From Your Facelift Procedure.

Dr. Somenek performs the facelift procedure under general anesthesia or in some cases local anesthesia with sedation, in his state-of-the-art surgical facility. In either case, the procedure can take several hours and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Somenek uses well-concealed incisions that start in the temple hair just above the ear which maintains the position of the hair on the sideburn. The incisions are designed to allow for the removal of excess skin and improve the contour of the neck and jawline.

After this is done, the underlying facial muscles are repositioned and tightened, creating a natural and more youthful appearance. For men, the incision is placed slightly more in front of the ear to accommodate the natural beard lines.

How Long Do the Results of a Facelift Last?

A facelift does not stop the aging process. However, the appearance of the face will still be far better than if they had done nothing at all, and the patient will be starting from a new and improved baseline.

Other factors can also affect how long your results last, including weight fluctuations, your age when you underwent surgery, and your overall health and lifestyle choices. Factors like smoking and sun exposure are known for accelerating the facial aging process and will consequently shorten the longevity of your rhytidectomy results.

The aging process is also accelerated as we grow older. Therefore, younger patients who have facial procedures will most likely experience longer-lasting benefits. A healthier lifestyle can help to preserve your results.

What to Expect Postoperatively?

Patients will be carefully instructed on caring for their incisions and educated on the factors that can promote better healing.

Immediately after surgery, a facelift dressing will be applied and occasionally drains will be placed which are removed the following day. Postoperative swelling and occasional bruising are to be expected and gradually subside throughout the week. This should peak at three to four days after surgery and resolve over the following week or two.

Most patients will have only a small amount of discomfort during their recovery and Dr. Somenek will prescribe medication to ensure your comfort. Ten days to two weeks after surgery, most patients return to normal activities while enjoying the benefits of a more youthful appearance. The first week postoperatively is limited to light activity and Dr. Somenek provides specific instructions regarding this. Strenuous activity should be avoided until 2 weeks after surgery or until you get the “green light” from Dr. Somenek.

If you decide to undergo the facelift procedure in Washington DC, it can make a dramatic improvement with only a small, subtle change. Look over our facelift before-and-after photos in our gallery for a better idea of your potential facelift results.

How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

The price of a facelift is determined by a number of factors. The exact techniques employed, the amount of time required to perform the surgery, and the degree of correction required can all play a role in a facelift’s overall cost.

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Check out some of our work in these before and after galleries for facelifts.

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