IV / IM Therapy in Washington D.C.

We offer a comprehensive program for both surgical and non-surgical IV hydration. Did you know the body only absorbs 20-30% of the vitamins in an oral supplement? With IV therapy, the body absorbs 100% of vitamins, plus electrolytes, minerals, and trace elements that promote healthy hair, higher energy, and improved memory. It’s time to ditch the multivitamin and find the best IV or IM treatment option for you! Call (202) 810-7700 to speak with our team and learn more, or to book your one-on-one IV Therapy consultation in D.C.!

Hydrate From Within

With the busy demands of life, few people can stay properly hydrated through oral nutrition alone. In less than an hour, Aqua Med IV Therapy can restore wellness at the cellular level with up to 400% more absorption so you feel and look your best.

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy offers a minimally invasive, highly efficient method to rehydrate the body and improve the following:

  • Immune health and well-being
  • Antioxidant status and oxidative damage
  • Energy levels and fatigue
  • Metabolism to aid weight loss
  • Cardiovascular functioning
  • Brain function and mental focus
  • Athletic performance
  • Proper hormone production
  • Allergy symptoms and histamine release
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Healing after injury, surgery or training
  • Signs of aging and overall skin health
  • Symptoms related to PMS, headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, nausea and pain

Find the Right IV Therapy Treatment for You


Athletic Boost IV

Contains magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, B-complex, B-12 and amino acids to boost athletic performance, enhance healing and recovery, increase energy and improve overall wellness.

Ideal for pre-athletic or post-athletic competition, preparation for or recovery from surgery, injury recovery, and avid fitness enthusiasts.

Ultimate Energy IV

Contains B-12, B-complex and a broad range of amino acids to rev up metabolism and energy levels, improve mental focus, and enhance daily activities and/or athletic performance.

Ideal for jet lag, preparation for upcoming events or a stressful work week, illness recovery and chronic fatigue.

Immunity Boost/Wellness IV

Contains a double dose of vitamin C, B-complex, zinc, and a high dose of the antioxidant glutathione to fortify the immune system and detoxify cells by eliminating free radicals that cause damage.

Ideal for recovery from acute illness, colds and flu, allergies, and general malaise; provides an immunity boost for parents, travelers, teachers and caregivers exposed to illness.

S + P Weekender IV

Perfect way to start OR end the weekend.  Contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, B-complex, and B-12 to strengthen the immune system and metabolism, while relaxing smooth muscles.  Also added are amino acids and trace elements to relieve fatigue, mental fog, inflammation and recovery.

Ideal for first-time IV therapy patients; relieves migraines, headaches, fatigue, illness recovery / prevention, allergies, asthma, pain, GI ailments, hangovers and emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Anti-Aging/Beauty IV

Combines an intramuscular (IM) biotin injection (which boosts hair, skin and nail growth) with Aqua Med IV Myers’s Cocktail and a high dose of glutathione to detoxify at the cellular level. Improves complexion by stimulating collagen, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, and imparting a healthy “glow.”

Intramuscular Injections That Add a Boost

In addition to our local IV therapies, we offer a comprehensive menu of Intramuscular (IM) injections to compliment IV treatment, accompany one of our services or as a stand-alone treatment

Active B-12

Improves fatigue, weakness, mood disorders, metabolism, focus and cardiovascular health.


Boosts weight loss with vitamins, amino acids and lipotropic enzymes to break down fats.

Excellent combination for patients undergoing Liposuction or TruSculptID

Beauty Booster

Rich in biotin to promote healthier skin, hair growth, and improved hair transplant results. Recommended 1-2 times per week, minimum 3 months.

Excellent combination for patients undergoing Hair Restoration


B-12 and vitamin C strengthen the immune system before travel, stress, events or illness exposure.

Lipo-Blaster Plus

Combines our classic Lipo-Blaster formulation with vitamin B-12 to surge metabolism and improve mental concentration.

Sunshine Booster

Vitamin D-3 to fortify bones, relieve inflammation, inhibit cancer cell growth and aid weight loss. Recommended bi- monthly or monthly if needed.

Tri-Immune Booster

Triple defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants (glutathione and Vitamin C) as well as Zinc that assists in supporting the body’s natural immune response.  Excellent for frequent travelers and those with young children.

Our Pre-/Post-op-timization IV Therapy

beach woman

No one likes that dehydrated feeling before or after surgery!

Dramatically improve your surgical experience and recovery with pre-operative and/or post-operative IV Hydration Therapy in Washington DC. Steeped in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, these treatments better prepare your body before surgery and promote faster healing afterwards.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Yes! This minimally invasive process is virtually painless and is administered by trained medical professionals.

How Quickly Will I Notice a Difference in My Body?

Most people look and feel refreshed immediately after treatments, but full results typically take effect within 30-45 minutes.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are rare and usually very minimal. Some people experience soreness or itching at the injection site, lightheadedness during or after treatments, or discolored urine. However, we take all precautions by having the treatments administered by trained healthcare professionals and there is medical director supervision by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

How Often Should I Get Treatments?

This depends on your wellness goals, but patients can safely receive treatments as often as every 3-4 days. We recommend patients schedule a follow-up appointment when they return to their baseline after the body has absorbed and utilized supplements from their last treatment.

Why Should I Get This Treatment With Physician Oversight?

Although safe and minimally invasive, IV therapy should be overseen by a physician to ensure solutions are formulated in a FDA-approved laboratory which is FDA- regulated, registered and licensed. This also ensures patients receive treatments in a safe, clinical setting from trained medical professionals.

Choose IV Therapy in Washington DC

Not all IV treatments and IM injections are created equal. We guarantee that all of our products are compounded in an FDA-regulated pharmacy. They do this to uphold the sterility, safety, and integrity of the treatments and to ensure patients get the very best care. Dial (202) 810-7700 today to schedule your consultation at our Washington D.C. office, or click here to visit our contact page and fill out appointment request form!

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