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If you are looking for a medical solution to wrinkles and folds on your face or hands, but you would prefer not to have surgery, you might want to consider Radiesse in Washington DC or New York City. Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic skin treatment that fills in wrinkles and lines while helping your skin develop its natural collagen production.

Radiesse is an FDA-approved treatment consisting of a dermal filler designed to fill in deep wrinkles and lines in the face, such as around the nose and mouth. It could add contours to areas of the face that have lost their shape, such as the cheeks or jawline. Additionally, Radiesse treatments from an experienced plastic surgeon might help treat prominent veins and tendons in the hands that occur with age, giving them a more smooth and youthful appearance.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is comprised of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHa) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. This substance is similar to the calcium found in bones and teeth, and when injected it immediately fills up and adds volume to specific areas. As the gel is absorbed, it leaves behind molecules of CaHA, which stimulate the body’s natural collagen fibers, filling in wrinkles, lines, and helping your skin form new collagen. This treatment typically lasts two to three years, during which the CaHA particles metabolize in the body’s tissues while new collagen grows in its place.

Most patients who receive Radiesse injections have them done in areas of the face, around the nose and mouth, or where the skin is wrinkled or folded. It can also target laugh lines and restore a more full and youthful appearance to the face. In some cases, Radiesse can fill in deep scars and add lost volume to the hands.

Potential Risks of Radiesse

While Radiesse is considered nontoxic and hypoallergenic, there are some treatment risks. Some side effects include swelling, pain, itching, redness, and potential infection at the injection site. Our surgeons are able to use the blunt tip microcannula technique, which avoids bruising and minimizes discomfort for patients. This method allows for fewer injection sites, which ultimately reduces trauma to the skin. There is reduced downtime with the microcannula method when injecting Radiesse, so patients should notice immediate results with little to no bruising.

Patients who have a history of allergic reactions to the ingredients in Radiesse or lidocaine may want to discuss that with the doctor. Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have bleeding disorders or skin infections should notify the doctor before considering Washington DC or New York City Radiesse treatment.

How the Radiesse Procedure Works

Since Radiesse treatments are non-surgical, the process usually last about fifteen minutes, and patients can often return to everyday life right away.

Radiesse injections occur while using local anesthesia and some patients experience discomfort or a small amount of pain with each injection. Lidocaine is FDA-approved to be combined with Radiesse injections to ease any pain during the procedure. The doctor will determine the specific point where each injection is going, apply an antiseptic to the sites, and decide the dose for the injections.

For many, Radiesse is placed in the upper cheek region and the doctor works down the cheek into the midface region to restore lost volume. This creates a smooth transition from the cheek to the midface, maintaining a natural, rejuvenated appearance. Patients could look years younger immediately following treatment as volume is restored to areas of previous volume loss. The wrinkles and creases can be reduced by adding volume to the cheeks and midface

What Happens After Treatment?

Patients should expect almost immediate improvement in the treated skin and see full results within a week. Radiesse is not considered permanent like other surgical procedures, and patients might need additional treatments in the future. Some local patients might require only one Radiesse treatment every two years while others need small maintenance injections between appointments. The doctors may advise against strenuous activities and exposure to direct sunlight for a short time immediately after the procedure.

Talk to a Surgeon About the Benefits of Radiesse in Washington DC

Radiesse is a simple and relatively painless way of eliminating wrinkles in your face and hands. Although it is not permanent, it could be a more relaxing way of addressing your appearance without the need to have a full surgery. Speak to one of our surgeons to determine if you should consider Radiesse in Washington DC or New York City.

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