Dr. Somenek’s Philosophy On Facial Fillers

Dermal fillers come in a variety of materials, most of which are considered temporary. There are some fillers on the market that are classified as permanant.

They are used to replace volume that becomes depleted over time and are instantly able to restore the appearance and facial balance associated with youth. The sunken and skeletal look that can occur with age is often associated with someone who is unhealthy, whereas a face with good volume and facial proportions is considered attractive , healthy, and youthful. Dr. Michael Somenek is an expert injector who trains physicians across the country on how to safely and effectively use the entire spectrum of fillers in the face and neck.

The most common filler material is hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that becomes depleted over time. This is a temporary filler material that can last anywhere between 6 and 18 months. This can depend on the thickness of the filler used as well as the amount injected. Thinner fillers are typically placed in areas of thin skin, such as the lips and the undereyes. The reason a thin filler is used in these areas is to avoid the lumps and bumps that can form from using thicker fillers in these areas. Thicker fillers can provide a stronger lift to the underlying tissues and are used in areas of the face with thicker skin that need more power to volumize the tissues like cheeks and temples.

Most fillers fit the definition of a subtle enhancement treatment to help individuals look good quickly. Many filler treatments can be done in minutes in the office with very little downtime. We frequently will use fillers in combination with other treatments such as Botox injections. Combination treatments with fillers, neuromodulators, and laser treatments are becoming one of the most common combination treatments and can be a fast way to make an improved first impression.

Dr. Somenek’s Philosophy and Approach to Facial Volume Restoration

Volume restoration has been recognized by many cosmetic surgeons as the key to recreating a youthful look. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and the soft tissue and fat that are part of the foundation of our facial structure begin to dissipate and lose support. Additionally, the bones that create our facial skeleton begin to get smaller. This combination of factors translates to a sunken and aged look.

In the past, surgeons attempted to simply pull the skin tighter over these aging areas. The problem with this is that it created a tightened appearance that was still volume depleted, making the individual appear older. Dr. Somenek believes in analyzing each patient’s individual anatomy to determine the best way to replace and contour the lost volume in your face. Dr. Somenek believes the “less is more” approach is so vital to obtain a successful result when it comes to applying fillers to the face. Subtle enhancement is what everyone is looking to achieve, as the overdone look is what has given plastic surgery a negative connotation. Dr. Somenek finds that enhancing what you already have can provide much better facial balance compared to someone who treats everyone’s face the same. Many people come to Dr. Somenek because of his technique used to place dermal fillers. He uses the blunt tip cannula technique which is the first, nontraumatic procedure that prevents bruising and provides an almost pain-free injection. This is a procedure that few perform due to the complexity of the technique. Dr. Somenek trains other physicians throughout the nation how to use cannulas as he believes this is the only way for fillers to be placed in the face and neck. There are select instances that he uses a needle for filler placement. These include removing very fine lines throughout the face as well as lips. He is recognized as a top lip injector with his micro-needle technique and topical numbing cream to provide fantastic results.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Fillers?

In general, those who have lost volume or have deepening furrows, creases, and lines characteristic of aging can benefit from fillers. Those who are younger, but desire more defined lips, cheeks or chin may also benefit from fillers.

What to Expect During Treatment

The general guidelines for all filler treatments are:

  • You will be seated comfortably and upright in a cushioned chair
  • Before any filler product is administered, makeup and dirt will be removed, usually with an alcohol pad.
  • You may wish to use topical anesthetic cream to blunt the discomfort associated with an injection.
  • Dr. Somenek constantly is analyzing the face as he is injecting to ensure balance and harmony with all facial features.
  • While the injections may be slightly uncomfortable many patients find them tolerable with just a topical anesthetic or an ice cube placed on the sight just prior to the procedure.

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