The Royal Fever And Plastic Surgery Requests

As Royal Wedding fever takes hold, so has a new fashion trend. Women wanting the “Markle sparkle” have been going to their doctors asking for surgery to give them Meghan’s nose. The glamorous 36-year-old US actor’s engagement to the UK’s Prince Harry was announced last November.

Before then, the most popular celebrity nose was Kim Kardashian’s very straight look. But since the engagement, women have been going to their doctors with pictures of Meghan’s nose and asking how they can look like her.

Why Patients Are Asking for Meghan Markle’s Nose

When I was interviewed by Angie Goff on NBC4’s Washington Today, I talked about Meghan’s nose and its refined tip definition, noting the little bump at the end. This contrasts greatly with the smoother lines that had previously been all the rage.

Picture of a man sitting down dressed up in a doctor outfit

With the prospect of the “Suits” actor’s royal wedding, I’ve received a flurry of rhinoplasty requests for a Meghan nose had increased at least tenfold. Now, her outfits fly off the shelves the moment she wears them, crowds flock to her public appearances, and women want her profile. In my estimation, there is absolutely no question that the royal fever has an effect.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Plastic Surgery

The main concern with undergoing surgery is typically that of permanence. But with the advent of non-surgical procedures, people don’t have to worry about committing to expensive spends and permanent results. A liquid, non-surgical rhinoplasty allows us to shape and refine the nose without going under the knife. It’s an excellent way to try out a new look, as the treatment is quick and much cheaper than surgery.

It also doesn’t involve the lengthy, painful recovery time and risk associated with any surgical procedure. Fashion trends can change very quickly and people change their minds. So, a liquid rhinoplasty is a great choice for anyone who wants fast results to try out a new look without having to worry about making a permanent mistake.

How Liquid Rhinoplasty Works

The “liquid nose job” is done using dermal fillers. These are small injections of filler into the nose that reshape it and give amazing results in as little as 10 minutes. The fillers can smooth out lumps, refine the profile, and create the defined tip of the nose that is the Markle hallmark. Your new look can last up to a year, and there’s almost no recovery time. You can even see a digital image on screen of what your new nose will look like before the treatment. I think it’s a really great option for someone who’s not ready for surgery and is looking for that instant fix and to see if they really like the look of it.

Here’s a video of me explaining and demonstrating it on a patient:


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So, there is a way to enjoy royal wedding fever without a major operation and to indulge in a bit of Markle Sparkle yourself. In the past, royal family members have set the tone for what is fashionable and beautiful. Previous to Markle was Kate Middleton’s wedding, in which her younger sister, Pippa, set a plastic surgery trend in women requesting to have her butt. But I’ve made the observation that these trends come and go, which is why I advocate for a temporary trial in the form of a liquid rhinoplasty to anyone genuinely interested in getting Markle’s nose.

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