Can a Neck Lift and Injectables Be Used Together?

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Neck lift surgery is an extensive procedure that could drastically enhance a patient’s facial appearance, but many people overlook the possibility of combining treatments. During consultations, when patients discuss their treatment options, they sometimes ask, “Can a neck lift and injectables be used together?”

Since a neck lift is individualized to a patient’s unique cosmetic goals, facial anatomy, and the extent of their aging signs, not every patient needs drastic changes. However, combing a neck lift with injectables could provide additional benefits while also prolonging enhancements. Therefore, in most cases, patients may combine injectable treatments with neck lift surgery but should discuss it with Dr. Michael Somenek ahead of time.

Cosmetic Enhancements from Neck Lift Surgery

In most cases, patients undergo neck lift surgery to reduce the appearance of aging signs, such as sagging skin, muscle banding, wrinkles, and excess fat on the neck. For instance, the operation could reduce the appearance of a double chin by using liposuction to remove extra fat cells underneath the chin, enhancing the jawline’s definition further.

Neck lifts also trim away excess, sagging skin that hides facial contours, including the jawline. By removing extra skin, the definition of the chin and jawline improves significantly. Lastly, Dr. Somenek could reposition the neck muscles by pulling them up toward the ears to reduce visible muscle banding on the neck.

How Specific Injectables Improve Neck Lift Contouring Results Further

For patients who want to enhance their results even further, this procedure could be followed by non-surgical injectable treatments. When both a neck lift and injectables are used, they tend to complement each other and are usually longer-lasting than individual treatments. For instance, Kybella injections use an acid mixture to absorb fat cells, which aids liposuction techniques in sculpting underneath the chin.

Another injectable option, Botox, reduces wrinkles by reducing the signals between muscles to relax them, resulting in smoother skin due to fewer wrinkle-causing movements. When combined with a neck lift, Botox injections reduce muscle movements that contribute to the appearance of muscle banding and a “turkey neck.” By minimizing these movements, wrinkles subside, the jawline appears more defined, and the neck looks slimmer than with neck lift surgery alone.

Finally, dermal filler injections could be used in conjunction with a neck lift to add additional volume underneath the skin and further rejuvenate your appearance. More precisely, since a neck lift focuses on redistributing fat in order to combat tissue volume loss, the combination with dermal fillers could benefit those with little excess fat on the neck. In addition, dermal filler injectables stimulate natural collagen production to ensure naturally firmer, tighter skin over time, which can prolong neck lift results.

Consider Combining Neck Lift Surgery with Injectable Treatments

For most individuals who want substantial appearance enhancements, combining neck lift surgery with injectables is a reasonable decision. In fact, using injectables after a neck lift may result in a less extensive surgical procedure for some patients.

Subsequently, you could experience a shorter recovery time while still maintaining noteworthy results. Different types of injectables offer different benefits, so discussing your cosmetic goals with a Board-certified plastic surgeon is preferable in order to determine the best option. Get in touch with Somenek+Pittman MD to discuss what changes you would like to see and which injectables could help further the results.

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