Sculpt And Contour Your Chest With Pectoral Augmentation

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Issues with body image are not limited to women. Men can also be unhappy with their appearance. Some guys have flat chests that never develop contours, even with exercise. It can leave you feeling insecure about taking your shirt off in public. At Somenek Pittman MD, our board-certified plastic surgeons will help men find a solution that will leave them feeling confident about their bodies.

What is a Pectoral Augmentation Procedure?

A pectoral augmentation procedure is performed similarly to a female breast augmentation. Sometimes, genetics can leave men with a flat or caved-in chest, and the procedure sculpts and shapes the area.

Silicone implants are used to add more definition, improving the profile of the pectoral muscles. Adding contour to the chest area can help balance out the proportions between the waist and shoulders.

A small incision is made in the chest area and the implant is inserted underneath the pectoral muscle. Absorbable sutures are commonly used to close the incision. A compression bandage is also applied to help reduce swelling and aid in healing.

Benefits of Pectoral Augmentation

When frequent exercise isn’t enough to give your chest definition, you may want to consider pectoral augmentation. Some of the benefits guys often experience after the procedure include,

  • Improving their chest contours
  • Adding bulk and muscle thickness to their pecs
  • Getting a more sculpted and masculine chest
  • Restore symmetry if one of your pec muscles is smaller than the other
  • Improve your self-image and self-confidence

Recovery After Pectoral Augmentation

It is a good idea to plan for a week of rest and recovery after a pectoral augmentation procedure. Some swelling and bruising are common around the implant area. Side effects are rare and most men only require medication for a few days to minimize any discomfort.

After a week, or so, most men can resume their normal activities.

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