Are You Considering Septoplasty?

Do you have trouble breathing through one or both nostrils? You can address the issue with a consultation at Somenek and Pittman MD in Washington, D.C. Instead of breathing through your mouth, talk to Dr. Pittman about septoplasty.

What Causes Nasal Obstructions?

Septal deviation is the most common cause of nasal obstructions. Collapsing internal and external nasal valves are another contributing factor. Repeated nose injuries are another reason to consider the procedure. Some clients naturally lack the support necessary for easy breathing. A septoplasty procedure can correct these issues, allowing you to breathe more easily.

What is Septoplasty?

Septoplasty or functional rhinoplasty is a procedure that addresses the issues causing your nasal obstruction.

Clients with a septal deviation are often ideal candidates for the procedure. During a septoplasty, deviated portions of cartilage are removed. It may also require removing bone fragments, depending on the individual.

When breathing issues are due to a lack of support in the internal or external nasal valves, cartilage is harvested from the nasal septum to reinforce the valves. A series of internal graphs are performed to strengthen support and improve breathing.

Something to consider during a septoplasty is combining the procedure with rhinoplasty. The two treatments are frequently performed together. While septoplasty (functional rhinoplasty) is performed to improve breathing, cosmetic rhinoplasty improves the aesthetics of your nose.

A few reasons to consider including cosmetic rhinoplasty include smoothing out humps and refining the nasal tip.

Is There a Long Recovery Time?

The recovery time for septoplasty is similar to cosmetic rhinoplasty. You will have a nose cast for around one week to hold and protect the graphs during the healing process. You will have some swelling, but it typically disappears after a week or so.

Breathe Better with Help from Somenek and Pittman

Whether your nasal valves are lacking support, or you are dealing with a deviated septum, septoplasty can help improve your breathing. Contact Somenek and Pittman MD in Washington D.C. online or call the office at 202 933-5934 to schedule your consultation.

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