What to Expect During a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy New York City & Washington D.C. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing processes by inhaling 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber.

This treatment method is capable of addressing numerous medical conditions, including non-healing wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, and certain infections. Understanding what to expect during an HBOT session can help alleviate any concerns and ensure a comfortable experience.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. We conduct this treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. It allows oxygen to dissolve more effectively in the blood and promotes faster healing.

The increased oxygen concentration helps repair damaged tissues and fight infections by enhancing the body’s ability to transport oxygen to affected areas. HBOT can treat chronic wounds, radiation injuries, and decompression sickness.

What You Can Expect During Your Session

Before starting HBOT, you’ll receive a thorough medical evaluation to determine your suitability for the therapy. On the day of your session, you should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

We may ask you to remove any metallic objects including jewelry and watches. It will ensure safety in the hyperbaric chamber.

Once prepared, you’ll be guided into the hyperbaric chamber. There are two main types of chambers: mono-place chambers, which accommodate one person, and multi-place chambers, which can accommodate several individuals at once. You’ll either lie down or sit comfortably in the chamber.

The session begins with the gradual increase of air pressure inside the chamber. You might feel a sensation in your ears similar to what occurs during an airplane ascent or descent. Swallowing, yawning, or chewing gum can help alleviate any discomfort. We will monitor the pressurization process to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

Once the chamber reaches the prescribed pressure, you will begin breathing 100% oxygen. The duration of the therapy typically ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. Once complete, you can exit the chamber and resume normal activities.

Book Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session in New York City or Washington D.C.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a safe and effective treatment that promotes healing and recovery for various medical conditions. If you’re considering HBOT, contact Somenek + Pittman MD today. You can call our Washington D.C. office at 202-933-5934 or our New York City office at 646-362-1377.

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