What Should I Know Before I Get Rhinoplasty?

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Are you unhappy with your nose and interested in rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is the medical term for “nose job.” Millions of people worldwide get rhinoplasty to enhance their appearance or repair a nasal issue. If you’re interested in getting rhinoplasty, then please continue reading below.

Can I Get Rhinoplasty if I’m Under 18?

If you have your parents’ or legal guardian’s consent, you can benefit from rhinoplasty even if you have yet to reach the age of the majority (18). The main reason that teenagers are advised to postpone plastic surgery until they are 18 is because their features are still developing. Thus, cosmetic work may be premature. However, the nose of girls usually stops growing when the girls are 14; boys’ noses stop growing when they are 15.

Why Do Most People Get Rhinoplasty?

To Repair a Birth Defect

Nasal deformities can diminish a person’s quality of life and make them self-conscious whenever they’re in public. Unfortunately, people who were born with a nasal deformity had to experience societal obstacles until they could afford plastic surgery. A few nasal deformities that a nasal plastic surgeon can correct include: nasal clefts, supernumerary nostril, and nasal glioma.

To Straighten the Bridge of Their Nose

Whether it is due to physical trauma or natural causes, not everyone is born with a straightened bridge. Some people have a crooked nose bridge or a dorsal hump. Although either is unlikely to trigger any significant issues (other than a crooked nose bridge possibly affecting your breathing depending on its severity), they can make you feel less attractive.

To Narrow Their Nostrils

Many people seek the assistance of a reputable nasal plastic surgeon when they find that their nostrils are too wide or big. It is imperative that you work with a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in all types of ethnic nose types to ensure a more authentic, natural aesthetic.

Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon Near the DMV

Rhinoplasty is sensitive surgery and requires experienced hands if you want the result to agree with the natural contours and bone structure of your face. That is why you should only trust an award-winning, internationally recognized rhinoplasty plastic surgeon to perform your procedure, such as Dr. Somenek. To arrange a consultation, call 202-933-5934.

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