Fat Grafting In Washington DC

It is possible to naturally enhance your body shape or areas that have lost volume with fat grafting in Washington DC. This technique removes excess fat cells from certain body parts and inserts them into the areas needing enhancements. Since the fat comes from your own body, it is a safer and more natural method of body sculpting.

Enhancing or restoring volume could balance your body proportions and take years off of your appearance. If you are considering augmentation in different body areas, choose fat grafting as a safe method for natural-looking results. Dr. Troy Pittman is an experienced and respected plastic surgeon who will work with you to determine the best way to satisfy your desires.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is the surgical transfer of fat from one body area to another for both slimming and enhancement effects. The fat is taken from target body areas using liposuction, which uses a speculated tool known as a cannula to vacuum away fat cells. Following the removal, the fat is processed, cleaned, and reinserted into your areas for augmentation.

Fat grafting has been a reliable augmentation method for plastic surgeons to restore volume in treatment areas that may have decreased due to age, medical conditions, weight changes, or genetics. A significant benefit of fat grafting, unlike dermal fillers, is the reduced risk of allergic reactions and rejection, since the substance comes from your own body. Furthermore, in local fat grafting provides more natural-looking and long-term cosmetic results than other treatment options that require more maintenance.

Body Areas That Fat Grafting Could Enhance

Using fat grafting during a surgical enhancement in Washington DC is commonplace as the results are safer and appear more natural. Several body areas could benefit from fat grafting procedures.


Breast augmentation surgeries could utilize fat grafting to increase breast size or restore volume. Fat grafting could help reduce irregularities from implants to smooth the skin and optimize breast shape.


Facial wrinkles, sunken areas, and scars on the cheeks and lips could minimize after a fat grafting procedure. The results are smoother skin and more voluminous features. Additionally, the technique could increase lip volume and skin indentations.

Hands and Feet

With age, the hands and feet lose volume, allowing wrinkle development and the exposure of tendons and blood vessels. Fat transfer to either area restores volume to protect internal structures and provide a more youthful look.

Buttocks and Hips

Buttocks enhancement with fat grafting, known as a Brazilian butt lift, increases its size while improving the shape and tone. Instead of using implants, fat grafting enhances the contours – and the overall body proportions – more naturally. The same came also be done with the hips.

Restore Volume with Fat Grafting in Washington DC

Restoring or increasing the volume of specific physical attributes can help combat aging signs and boost your confidence. Often safer than dermal filler or implant options, fat grafting in Washington DC could restore your appearance with natural results.

Dr. Troy Pittman is an expert in sculpting your breast and body to your desired form, and can speak with you about what the best method of augmentation is. You can also use our 3D imaging feature to get a virtual look at what the end result might look like. Send us a message and we can set up a consultation for you to learn more information.

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