Facial Plastic Surgery In Virginia

There are many different types of procedures that you can choose to undergo with facial plastic surgery in Virginia. Our plastic surgery clinic offers several approaches to cosmetic enhancement of the face, with Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Somenek, putting emphasis on your specific needs and desires. This may be the perfect plan for you if you want to turn back the clock on signs of aging, fix a functional issue, or improve the proportional features of your face.


rhytidectomy can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck, by tightening the jowls, addressing loose facial skin, reducing lines and wrinkles between the nose and corners of the mouth, and eliminating excess fat of the neck that appears as a double chin or “turkey neck.” For those who only want a small amount of enhancement, a mini facelift might be preferable – or if you do not want to receive incisions, you can also opt for a non-surgical facelift which is Dr. Somenek’s Surgical Lift.


One of Dr. Somenek’s most common procedures, rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of the nose, and the techniques for this surgery can vary depending on the patient and the condition of the nose. Some patients may feel that their noses are too big or that their nostrils are asymmetric. They may opt for a rhinoplasty procedure to improve the appearance of their nose with the rest of the face. This type of facial surgery can also address the septum, which is the wall of bone and cartilage that separates the nostrils. A deviated septum is one that is crooked and can cause breathing difficulties through the nostrils. Rhinoplasty is also available in non-surgical form or as a revision of a prior surgery.

Brow Lifts

A brow lift is another facial surgical procedure in Virginia that raises the eyebrows and the height of the forehead. A brow lift can improve your brow, eyes, and forehead contours by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow. Patients who feel that their brows are too low, asymmetric, or suffer from excess loose skin may choose this procedure to firm it up.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can provide you with younger and healthier-looking eyelids. This surgery can address the upper or lower eyelids, or both, and offers a solution for patients who think their eyes look too tired, wrinkled, or old. Eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the eyes and correct functional problems with the eyelids caused by loose, sagging skin that can impair vision. Eyelid surgery can also reduce the fatty deposits that appear, causing the appearance of “puffy eyes.”

Other Popular Surgical Procedures

There are numerous other local facial plastic surgeries that can provide specialized cosmetic enhancement to problem areas. These include:

  • Buccal fat pad reduction: This can reduce or remove the fatty deposits in your cheeks to create a more pleasing facial shape
  • Chin augmentation: Sculpts the chin to make it bigger, smaller, or more proportional
  • Otoplasty: Reshapes the ears and could also be combined with earlobe repair
  • Scar revision: Adjusts, conceals, or reorients an embarrassing scar on the face
  • Upper lip lift: Adds volume and corrects the shape of a lip
  • Hair loss treatment is also available for both men and women

We can take the time to talk with you about the benefits of each of these surgeries and whether you can receive more than one in a single session.

Return to a Youthful Look with Facial Plastic Surgery in Virginia

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, the first step is to meet with Dr. Michael Somenek to discuss what you are looking to accomplish, as well as the alternatives, risks, and benefits of various procedures. If you would like to learn more, schedule a consultation for facial plastic surgery in Virginia. We are available to answer any of your questions and begin the journey to a renewed sense of self-esteem and satisfaction.

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