Treat Your Lips to Volbella

Since time immemorial, fuller lips have been considered a signifier of youth and beauty. Unfortunately, as a woman ages, her lips start thinning, impacting her overall appearance. To restore full and lovely lips, more women are opting for Volbella, the latest breakthrough in cosmetic science that has taken the beauty world by storm.

Volbella: An Introduction

Volbella is the latest addition to the Juvederm family of dermal fillers. The injectable works by minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. The formula used in Volbella lifts and enhances the lips naturally.

Volbella is quite safe and is FDA-approved, and you don’t have to get a skin test done before getting your injection.

How Does Volbella Work?

Volbella is not your run-of-the-mill dermal filler. It includes hyaluronic acid, a substance that helps maintain skin moisture. Hyaluronic acid helps restore volume to areas that lack fullness.

While other dermal fillers include greater amounts of hyaluronic acid, Volbella has fewer molecules of it. Volbella adds softness to the lips without causing them to project outwards in an unnatural way.

Additionally, Volbella uses patented Vycross Technology, which is specially designed to distribute hyaluronic acid molecules evenly to achieve the desired look. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, the filler used in Volbella lasts longer than many other injectables and can be injected quite smoothly.

Ideal Candidates for Volbella

An ideal candidate for this treatment is someone who is:
• At least 21 years of age
• Unsatisfied with the appearance of their lips
• Not suffering from severe allergies
• Not allergic to gram-positive bacterial proteins or lidocaine

The Volbella Treatment Process

The first step in the treatment process involves preparing the targeted area. The area will be cleaned thoroughly. Once it is clean, the injections are administered. Because Volbella includes the local anesthetic lidocaine, the area will be numbed and patients will be able to be more comfortable.

The procedure only requires between 30 and 45 minutes to perform. The actual time required will depend on a number of factors, such as the extent of treatment, the number of syringes used, and the areas addressed.

Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, there is little to no downtime involved afterwards. Patients can return back to their normal routine immediately after their session.

The Benefits of Volbella Treatment

There are a number of benefits offered by this treatment:
• Zero downtime
• Minimal discomfort
• Immediate and sustainable results
• No scalpels or incisions

Preparing for This Procedure

In order to prepare for this procedure, the following are recommended:
• Stop taking herbal supplements and certain vitamins such as vitamin E.
• Stop taking non-prescription blood thinners such as aspirin at least a week before your session.
• If you suffer from cold sores, start a course of Valtrex.
• Cut out foods rich in Salicylates and Omega-3 oils from your diet.
• Inform Dr. Somenek about any allergies that you suffer from. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding must keep Dr. Somenek updated regarding their condition.

Post-Procedure Care

The following measures are recommended for post-treatment care:
• Apply an SPF lip balm regularly.
• Minimize your exposure to the sun.
• Avoid physically demanding activities for at least six hours after your session.
• Increase your water intake.

How to Arrange a Volbella Consultation

Experienced double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Somenek is a skilled medical professional with numerous satisfied patients. Contact our office today to arrange your consultation.

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