The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Surgeon for Revision Breast Augmentation

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If you have had a breast augmentation in the past only to discover you are unsatisfied with the results, you may require a revision breast augmentation procedure to rectify the situation. When it comes to choosing a surgeon for revision breast augmentation surgery, there are a few important factors to consider and keep in mind. To learn more about revision breast augmentation, contact Somenek+Pittman MD by calling us at 202-810-7700. At Somenek+PittmanMD, we will guide you through the process of any revision breast augmentation you’re seeking, from start to finish.


When you are in the process of choosing a surgeon for revision breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to verify the experience of the surgeons you’re interested in selecting. A seasoned surgeon who is well-versed in augmentation revisions is much more likely to provide you with peace of mind.


Ask about board certifications and completed training when vetting surgeons for a breast augmentation revision you have in mind. Remember that not all surgeons do revision surgery, so make sure you’re looking at the right surgeons before scheduling a consultation.

Portfolio of Completed Augmentations

Take the time to review completed augmentations with before-and-after photos whenever available. While you’re in the process of choosing a surgeon for breast revision augmentation, be sure to ask about portfolios in person and online.

Testimonials From Previous Patients

Always take the time to research verified testimonials from surgeons when you’re seeking a breast augmentation revision. You want to make sure that the surgeon you choose is as good as they say they are. If there are many patients that are unsatisfied, consider looking elsewhere.

Discover if Revision Breast Augmentation is Right for You in Washington D.C. or New York

If you are living in the Washington D.C. or New York areas, and you’re interested in learning more about revision breast augmentations, you can do so by contacting Somenek+Pittman MD: Advanced Plastic Surgery at 202-810-7700. You can also request more information and a consultation regarding the breast augmentation revision you are considering by visiting our official website.

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