Should I Wait Until Winter to Get Lipo?

The results of plastic surgery could be life-changing but the procedures themselves can be physically demanding in the short-term. So if you have been considering trimming away some extra fat from your belly or another part of your body, but wonder about the timing, one question you may have is, “Should I wait until winter to get lipo?” Though there is no right or wrong time to get plastic surgery, undergoing liposuction surgery during the winter has several benefits.

Recovery after the procedure takes up to six weeks, with some side effects lingering for up to three months. Further, your recovery will be more discreet, comfortable, and less stressful. Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Pittman to go over the procedure, recovery, and the benefits of waiting until the winter months for an operation.

Liposuction Recovery Steps

Recovering after liposuction surgery is different for each patient, depending on the body areas treated and their unique health factors. However, a general guideline for returning to light-impact activities, such as basic office work, is two weeks of recovery. High-impact and strenuous activities, including exercise or physical labor, require four to six weeks of recovery before a patient may resume them safely.

Long-term recovery after liposuction may take up to three months before residual swelling fully subsides. Immediately after surgery, it is typical to have bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the targeted areas with drainage tubes extending from incisions. After a few days, the drains come out, and a compression garment is necessary for several weeks after the procedure.

After three to five weeks of recovery, most patients no longer feel soreness, while other side effects subside soon after. At this point, most residual swelling subsides to reveal the results. From this, waiting until winter to get liposuction may be the best option, as the final results could take months to become apparent.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery in the Winter

Undergoing liposuction during the winter has various health and recovery benefits. Most notably, winter allows for a less stressful recovery with plenty of rest, as it is typical to spend more time indoors and avoid social gatherings in climates where it gets cold at this time of year. Additionally, winter clothing is an excellent way to cover compression garments and incisions as they heal during recovery, while improving a patient’s comfortability.

In addition, liposuction recovery during winter has less risk of scarring, skin sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation problems due to reduced sun and UV exposure. Staying indoors during a winter recovery could improve how incisions heal, as there is less chance of exposure to irritants and sources of infections.

Additionally, many plastic surgery patients choose to undergo procedures during winter to have a discreet recovery period; and a patient’s results will finalize before the summer, allowing time for the scars to fade.

Winter is a Great Time to Undergo Liposuction

The best time for plastic surgery is whenever you feel up for it but there are certain benefits to scheduling your procedure for the colder months. Less sun exposure, more loose-fitting clothing, and cooler temperatures are just a few of the benefits. In addition, many patients find a winter recovery more comfortable due to the ease with which they can avoid activities.

Reach out to Somenek+Pittman MD to learn more about liposuction and how winter may be the best time for your procedure.

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