Getting Your Body Ready for Life After the Pandemic

There finally seems to be an end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic. Different sources are making educated guesses about when that end will be but practically everyone agrees that we have turned a corner thanks to the vaccine rollouts. It is not too early to start thinking about and working toward getting your body ready for life after the pandemic.

Every trauma we experience triggers change. Social isolation, quarantining inside our homes, gyms closing indefinitely, organized sports suspensions, and extreme stress have taken a toll on us emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically. Change begins with survival, and as time passes, we move from merely surviving into recovery.

What Happened to Our Bodies That Requires Recovery?

Spending so much time in isolation takes a toll on the average person—both mentally and physically. For many of us, our muscles, hearts, lungs, and even our brains have grown weaker from a lack of exercise. Many of us have gained some pounds because of stress-eating and a widened eating window.

Our sleep has suffered from spending so much time indoors. The time spent inside has led to Vitamin D deficiencies and disruption to our circadian rhythms. A number of people have experienced unprecedented levels of stress which are visibly evident in our faces and posture. Getting our bodies ready for a healthy life after COVID-19 will require focus and determination.

How Can I Get My Body Ready for a Return to Normal?

The most important way to counteract the negative impact of the last year on your body is to practice some specific self-care rituals.

Intermittent Fasting

To combat the extra weight that may have appeared over the past year, go back to a reduced eating window. If you have found yourself eating from the time you rise until you go to bed, start small by fasting 12 hours and allowing yourself to eat only during the next 12 hours. Once you have mastered that, move to 14 hours of fasting followed by 10 hours of eating, and so on.

People who eat intermittently usually lose weight since their overall daily calorie consumption is lowered. Intermittent fasting has also been proven to improve memory and overall cognition.

Strength Training

To reverse the muscular atrophy that may be present after months of isolation, develop a strength training regime. Strength training works well with intermittent fasting. Exercising after at least 12 hours of fasting has been shown to tap into visceral fat stores. However, exercise alone will not negate the effects of a bad diet.

Plastic Surgery Options

If you are in good health, yet still struggle with your self-image, consider what a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon can do to help get your body ready for re-emergence into the post-pandemic world.

Are you bothered by the appearance of stubborn abdominal fat that does not seem to budge? A tummy tuck may be the answer. While it is not a solution for weight loss, a tummy tuck can remove excess fat and skin. Perhaps you have had a baby during the pandemic or recently stopped breastfeeding, and you long for that pre-baby body. Mommy makeovers may include breast augmentation, a breast lift or reduction, combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction.

If stress has left its mark on your face, there are cosmetic procedures that cover a wide range of issues. Botox injections can help with lines and wrinkles. Fillers, microneedles combined with radiofrequency energy, and facelifts are progressively stringent options to tighten skin, promote collagen production, smooth the face and neck, and take years off your appearance.

Developing good, healthy habits now will help prepare you for life after coronavirus. It is also a good time to think about what would make you feel better about yourself.

Somenek + Pittman MD Is Here to Help You with Your Post-COVID Transformation

Contact us for more information on the services we provide. It is never too soon to develop a plan for recovery from these past stress-filled months. We are here to help you in getting your body ready for life after the pandemic.

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