About Us

About Us

“Individualized Services to Bring Out the Best in You”

When patients come to us, we understand that trust is key during what may seem like an overwhelming process. To help patients on this journey, we strive to provide a concierge level of care and openly communicate the aesthetic goals and expectations for a procedure.

Each person’s body is different, so we ensure our patients play a vocal role in the decision-making process, and that we are available to provide our professional perspective. Together, we want to provide an unforgettable experience that provides patients with reassurance, comfort, privacy, and long-term confidence with their new look.

Meet Our Team

DC Dynamic Duo

Dr. Somenek and Dr. Pittman combine their unique specializations to provide a focused, individualized approach to plastic surgery procedures. With comprehensive training, industry accolades, and active involvement with peers in their fields of study, they create a communicative and safe environment for patients to explore ways to feel their absolute best.

The staff understands that each patient comes in with a unique set of challenges and that a procedure is a major stepping stone in a larger personal journey towards self-confidence. As such, Dr. Somenek and Dr. Pittman take pride in their work and strive to bring out the best in you.

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    About Us
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